What sets MentorBox apart from other subscription programs?

February 17, 2019
Subscription programs are popular nowadays. Basically, you need to find a program you are most interested in and subscribe to it either monthly or yearly basis. What is good about subscription programs is they provide the latest information on things that matter to you. Some subscribe to magazines. Other subscribe to how to topics. Many subscribe to the channel of their favorite showbiz personalities. Sad to say, only a few subscribe to programs that provide a continuous flow of information; something that helps cultivate one’s knowledge and skillset.

One subscription program that is becoming increasingly popular today is MentorBox. It may not be your first choice but it certainly gives value to your time and money. A MentorBox is a self-development subscription program created by Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr. The primary purpose of MentorBox is to deliver the information you badly need to grow your garden of knowledge and cultivate a skillset. Alex and Tai are successful in their chosen field and they account their success to their love for reading.

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They do not have a masters or a Ph.D. but one thing is certain; it’s their love for learning. The best lessons are learned not in the four corners of the classroom. It is learned through personal experience and experience of others. By reading books and learning materials, you get to learn straight from the people who have first-hand experience in a specific field of interest.

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What sets MentorBox apart from the rest?
  • It is specially designed for people who love reading, not so love reading, and to those who do not like to read at all. In other words, it is for everyone. Those who love reading books should sign up for a physical subscription. You get to receive a box containing all the reading materials on a monthly basis. The box is delivered to your doorsteps. On the other hand, if you don’t love reading or love reading but don’t have much time, then an online subscription is perfect for you. You get to receive the reading materials in digital form. The presentation is in the form of audio and video. So, whether you are chilling at home or taking a bus ride, you surely will not miss your subscription.
  • The reading materials are carefully curated, which means you will get only the best reading materials. They are something that you will not pick for yourself. Experts pick them because you will gain a lot of valuable inputs from it.
  • You will be a part of the mastermind group wherein you get the chance to be connected with top executives and bestselling authors.
  • MentorBox offers a 100% guarantee.